The Brand

Essence brand is favourite of everyone from all age groups with its dynamic, trendy, classical, modern, and sporty watch designs. Essence successfully represents a never-ending passion combining with essential watch collections with modern designs and quality.
Essence watches has become an essential passion for all watch enthusiasts; innovative and functional designs make them almost addictive.
Femme collection is the first watch collection to achieve a "Made With Crystallized TM Swarovski Elements" license and the right to use the label, and watches of the collection glitter with feminine and timeless style. Femme collection is the favourite of all ladies with its glittering elegant designs.
Racing models are designed with inspiration from the thrill of racing tracks, and they are phenomenal among sporty watches with the craftsmanship in details and the total harmony.
This collection presents timeless beauty, and it’s very trendy with contemporary lines blending all-time fashion and taste of both east and west.
Diamond collection is inspired by glittering diamonds, and it represents pure glamour with genuine designs.
Ceramic material is designed with inspiration from both strength and style of ceramic, and it is almost the symbol of perfection with the contrasting harmony of black and white.