Essence brand is favourite of everyone from all age groups with its dynamic, trendy, classical, modern, and sporty watch designs. Essence successfully represents a never-ending passion combining with essential watch collections.

Essence watches has become an essential passion for all watch enthusiasts; Swarovski stones, timeless style and modern designs make them almost addictive.

Essence & Swarovski

The Swarovski crystals meet Essence, which becomes the first watch brand to have the license to use the crystals with the original label.

Swarovski has been an exclusive brand for world’s best crystals since 1895. Swarovski makes breathtakingly bright crystals with its exclusive cut, high-quality crafting and an experience of over a hundred years.

In order to accentuate the authenticity of its brand, Swarovski makes special arrangements with brands and designers having the right to use its crystals and grants them a license to use the exclusive Swarovski label. This label represents Swarovski’s trend expertise, technical consultancy and world-class service.